j.a. konrath has a post today that says
his sales have been down during june...

actually, his ranks have been worsening
consistently over the past three months,
according to all the data i have collected.

maybe this is a trend affecting everyone.

or maybe konrath is experiencing karma
for tricks he played on the marketplace.

or maybe both.  or maybe neither.

whatever the case, i will be glad once
the "gold rush" mentality goes away...



is it soup yet?

yes, it's soup.

the converters are up.

i need some brave windows and linux people
to step forth and make sure that the app for
those platforms won't explode your machine
or kidnap your pet or do any other bad stuff.


let's not share this widely until we hear back
from those courageous volunteers, ok?

thanks for your support, and love and kisses,
and the chocolate, especially the chocolate...



here we go...

sample output -- the user manual --
is available for downloading now...

>   http://jaguarps.com

feedback and feature requests from
the "jaguar" user community will be
warmly welcomed and considered.



coming right up

ok, folks.  we've got 100 signups
for the software, so it will be
coming right up.  check here:

>   http://jaguarps.com



draft of user-manual

still waiting for 20 more people to
come by and post a comment, but
in the meantime, here's a draft of
the user-manual for the program:

as you will see, its name is "jaguar(ps)",
for "jaguar publishing system".  enjoy...

that's the "plain-text" master-file version.
in coming days, i'll post the e-books that
were automatically generated from that...




ok, it's may 1st.              :+)

we don't have 100 people yet,
but those of you who are here
can get started if you want to...

if you have a mac, go here:

download the two files which
you find there, and unzip 'em.


the first has a zip/unzip apps
for .epub.  the zip program is
a necessity for creating .epub.
unzip helps you tear apart an
existing .epub, to see how it
ticks, and reverse-engineer it,
actions which you might want
(or need) to perform at times.

for people on p.c., you'll need to
download the zip app from here:

for unzipping, all you need to do
is change the extension from .epub
to .zip, and then double-click it...
(the mac app just automates that.)


the second file at jaguarps.com/tools
checks an .epub file to see if it's "valid".

p.c. people can use this online site to
have that check performed for them:

(mac users can use that online site too,
of course, but it's quicker and easier to
run the program on your own machine.)



writers can be bad with numbers

j.a. konrath says this on his blog today:

>   276112.
>   Two hundred and seventy-six thousand, 
>   one hundred and eleven

that's how many e-books he has sold...

ok, let's forget the fact that he got his numbers
mixed up just a tiny bit.  after all, he's making
a ton of money, right?

and if you want a piece of that e-book action,
you've gotta put your books into electronic-format.

my program can help you do that.

make a post in the comments section if you
wanna see the program.

when i have 100 comments, i will release it...

so far, i have 16.